The origin of Hemao:

Hemao - The Way from the Universe: Harmony and Benevolence, the Way of Harmony dominates the whole situation.

Taking the Chinese "harmony" culture as the essence, developing the behavior concept of "harmony is good, harmony is good", adhering to the company management concept of "harmony is precious", taking "harmony is everything, harmony is happiness, harmony is good, virtue is the world" as the spiritual purpose of "harmony" and Mao people, together with people from all walks of life and upstream and downstream enterprises, work together to create prosperity and beauty. New heaven.

Hemao Value Criterion:

1) Our three cultures: filial piety, teacher's morality and heaven's morality.

2) Our vision: to be conscientious products, and to make Hemao Medical go to the world.

3) Our mission: to provide the best service, achievement and Mao's life dream.

4) Our purpose: to provide customers with a complete set of solutions.

5) Our style: earnest, fast and persistent.

6) Our philosophy: harmony is good, virtue is the world.

7) Our values: create value for customers, create benefits for enterprises, create welfare for employees, and create prosperity for society.

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