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Thousands of Big Businessmen in the Billion Market

       Dental medicine is compatible with the concepts of health and beauty. It has a good market concept and operation space. It considers not only the quantity of population, the universality of oral diseases, but also the market demand of dentists, the relationship, cooperation and complementarity between dental medicine industry and other related industries, whether now or in the future, with people's economic life and cultural consumption of water. With the improvement of the level and awareness of oral health, dental medical industry is a good industry with rapid development and huge market potential.

Since 1997, the annual output value of the industry has maintained a growth rate of 15% to 30%. At present, it is in the early stage of explosive growth. In 2012, the output value of China's dental medical equipment industry, including equipment, equipment and materials, was 15 billion yuan, while driving the dental medical equipment and services to exceed 100 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2025, the output value will reach 750 billion yuan, and the market of dental medical equipment and services will reach more than 300 billion yuan.

 Health industry has national policy support. The State Council, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Health and other relevant departments have focused on encouraging private capital to enter the medical industry and encouraging social capital to give priority to medical treatment in many important documents, such as the 12th Five-Year Plan for Medical Reform and the reform of county hospitals. Both public and private dental care will usher in a spring of rapid development.



Joining 7 Advantages and Making Millions a Year is not a Dream


Brand advantage:To be conscientious products and provide the best service is our mission! We have been committed to becoming a global strategic partner, providing customers with a complete set of solutions, dental one-stop procurement services.

Technological superiority:Gathering professionals, setting up R&D team, introducing German dynamic balance technology, cooperating with universities, we have won many design patents and invention patents.

Production advantage:Superiority of production modern workshop, dust-free workshop, adequate stock, short production cycle, fast delivery!

Reputation advantageCE Certification Unit, Director Unit of Dental Equipment Industry Association of Nanhai District, Foshan, Member Unit of Luocun Youth Entrepreneur Association

Sales advantage:In 30 provinces, many places have established long-term strategic partners, radiating second and third-tier cities, and their products are exported to dozens of countries and regions all over the world (Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia).


Service advantages

  1. 24-hour hotline telephone consultation and complaints;

  2. Free technical support;

  3.100% User Archives, Quality Tracking Service;

  4.100% return visit, intimate service;

  5.Routine products are guaranteed for 1 year (specific to the latest standards of each product), lifelong maintenance 

6、Seven-day package replacement: Hemao provides convenient after-sales service for agents and franchisers. The company promises 100% return and exchange of all products within seven days, so that 100 franchisers can rest assured without worries.


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