17" implant intraoral camera with WiFi HM368


1. 17-inch LED touch screen imported from Taiwan, high-definition and stable performance.

2,simple, convenient, fast.

3, the network: built-in wifi wireless network card can be online shopping, QQ, watching movies, listening to music

4, multiple computers on the LAN do the same clinic

5, can be connected to sensors and panoramic X-ray CT

6, there are special dental software like dentist housekeeper, heart rate monitoring and other application software

7, the camera is 500 megapixel HD sensor, 6 white LED lights, 

8, heart rate, blood oxygen monitor 1 set

9, blood pressure gauge 1 set

10. power adapter 1 set

11, dental chair mounting bracket 1 set

1) display: 17-inch touch screen computer

2) resolution: 1080p high-definition

3) CPU: Intel 1037U 1.80ghz and dual-core processing

4) main board: Intel saiyang series main board

5) solid-state drive: standard 32G solid-state drive (64G, 128G available)

6) storage hard disk: standard 60G ( customizable ,expansion: 500G ~ 1000G)

7) memory: 4GB/DDR3

8) interface: 4USB

9) computer system: WIN7 or XP

10) N.W: 4.3kg, G.W: 5kg, packing size 437*107*440mm

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