17 inch wireless wifi dental oral camera


[Product characteristics]

Embedded Linux operating system, no matter how long it is used, the system will never be jammed

Product built-in efficient wireless transmission module, point-to-point transmission to ensure stable image transmission

Transmission Distance: Barrier-free transmission distance from display terminal to handle terminal is more than 10 meters

Intelligent monitoring of image bitstream to ensure real-time image

Full Digital High Definition Picture Quality Processing

There is no need to set up all kinds of complex equipment, and it is ready to use.

Built-in motion detection unit, no use system automatically enters dormancy mode within a specified time, when used, pick up and wake up

Built-in timing device, shut down at specified time when standing without operation

Built-in 1500MA/H lithium battery for medical equipment, long endurance, long standby time

Efficient motor-saving mechanism to maximize battery life

Product description

[1. Wireless Handle Picture, Function Description]


(1) Boot: Press the "stop/turn on, turn off/turn over" button display the black Icon "image.png" in the upper right corner of the display screen turn the icon green "image.png" in about 10 seconds.

(2) Shut down: Press 5 seconds long "stop/turn on, turn off/turn over" button

[Use steps, icon instructions]

When the main engine is powered on, the LED supplementary light will be on for a long time after the handle is pressed to grasp the picture key. After a short period of 5 seconds, the LED supplementary light will go into the long light again and then flicker. The handle will automatically connect the display screen, and then display the image. After the normal display of the image, the button on the handle can grasp and play back the image on the display screen.

Hibernation, wake-up and standby of the handle: after the start of the handle, the standby time is up to 2 minutes and 10 seconds, the handle enters the dormant state, and the LED lamp flickers once in 20 seconds; during this period, the handle is picked up, and the handle immediately enters the normal working mode; when there is no operation for up to 2 hours, the handle automatically shuts down and enters standby mode, waiting for the next turn-on. Machine.


Tips and icon description:


Tips, icons

The Meaning of Representation

handle portion

LED supplementary light goes out


LED supplementary light

Connected to the display screen and in use

Continuous flashing of LED supplementary light

The handle has been turned on, waiting for the screen to connect.

handle portion

LED supplementary lamp flickers 5 times before it is extinguished

Low power

LED supplementary lamp flickers for 20 seconds

Handle in standby state

Display panel


Scintillation: Waiting for the signal source to connect to the handle state


The signal source is connected to the handle and indicates the signal strength.


Current power of the connecting handle (battery full up to 4.2V)


Low power of the connected handle battery (battery voltage < 3.6V rechargeable state)


U disk plugged in


The SID name of Wifi, the WiFi name used to search for mobile phone connections and PC connections

Charging seat part

Indicator light: green

Represents in charge state

Indicator: blue

Indicates that it is full of electricity.

[Specification parameters]



Technical parameters



operating system


image processing

1280×720+image shaping

Wireless function

Automatic Connection, Signal Intensity Display


Stand still for 2 hours and enter standby without operation


Stay for 2 minutes and 10 seconds and go to slee

Wake-up Conditions

Motion speed not less than 0.2 m/s, duration not less than 0.5 seconds

Power waste

The integrated power consumption is less than 1W



1500MA/H High Capacity Lithium Battery for Medical Purpose

Charging time: 2 hours in shutdown state, charging while supporting, charging protection

Standby time

Standby time of full battery state is more than 720 hours

Duration of voyage

Continuous use of full power for more than 2 hours

Mixed use

Support continuous charging and use (pick up when in use, put on the charging seat when not in use)

Display panel

Display panel

17-inch High Definition LED LCD Display


Customize boot logo and logo without image display


Handle low power prompt, connection prompt, USB prompt, WiFi character, two-dimensional code


Graphic storage, video recording storage (need to install surveillance camera) image playback and deletion, video playback and deletion, PC browser and mobile browser scan two-dimensional code to view pictures (with WiFi version), multimedia playback


Picture/Video USB Storage Interface, DC Power Interface, Multimedia Play USB Interface

Power Supply


Environmental Science

work environment

- The humidity is less than 95% (no condensation) at 10 - 45 C



The environmental use of equipment should be far away from the environment with strong electromagnetic radiation.

The power supply and charger of the equipment must use the power adapter and charger equipped by the manufacturer.

(3) The distance between the handle and the display screen should not be more than 10m, and there should be no obstruction in the middle.

(4) The wireless antenna with the handle is located at the top of the lens back of the handle from 1CM to 4.5CM. It is forbidden to cover the area with the hand when using.

The installation of the equipment should be as far away from the environment of severe vibration, sunshine, rain, high temperature, humidity and dust.

No more than three devices can be placed in every 30 meters range. At the same time, wireless interference may cause image jamming.


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